Dozens of WCS students stood out among their peers at the annual Tennessee DECA Career Development Conference March 7-9 in Chattanooga.

The students placed in various competitions meant to test their career knowledge. Students who placed high enough in their categories earned a spot at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) at the end of April. This year, the ICDC will be held in Orlando.

Additionally, several school DECA teams earned a School-Based Enterprise Gold Certification. This certification recognizes outstanding achievements for school-based enterprises.

Congratulations to the following students:

Brentwood High

  • School-Based Enterprise Gold Certification: Grace Griggs, Ben Vest and Garrett Holland
  • First: Matthew Koshy: Automotive Services Marketing
  • First: James Derryberry and Charlie Hardin: Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
  • First: Patrick Holcombe: Financial Consultant
  • First: Emmy D’Aprille and Hollan Powers: Integrated Marketing Plan: Product
  • First: Camila Mohamed: Marketing Communications
  • First: Katie Contich and Chandler Gallaher: Marketing Management Team Decision Making
  • Second: Brenden Burke, Cameron Richards and Christopher Shiflett: Business Growth Plan
  • Second: Parker Nordstrom: Restaurant and Food Services
  • Third: Autumn Allain, Brenna Mclaughlin and Leah Pilkington: Creative Marketing
  • Third: Crews Stocco: Hotel and Lodging
  • Third: Christina Jin: Retail Merchandising
  • Fourth: Nelson Rose: Human Resource Management
  • Fourth: Analeigh Wingo: Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  • Fifth: Sara Amiraly: Sports and Entertainment Marketing Individual Series

Centennial High

  • School-Based Enterprise Gold Certification

Franklin High

  • Third: Graham Ferguson: Restaurant and Food Service

Independence High

  • Third: Hunter Cherry: Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  • Third: Nikita Kuna and Ashley Adornato: Innovation Plan

Nolensville High

  • School-Based Enterprise Gold Certification: Abagail Hageman, Andrew Ferris and Sophie Johnson

Page High

  • First: McKenzie Elliot, Josie Marlin and McKayla Marlin: Franchise Business Plan
  • First: Mackenzie Kincaid and Taylor Kubricky: Hospitality Services Team
  • First: Noah Ross: Food Marketing
  • First: Lauren Smith: Business Services Marketing
  • First: Grace Wofford: Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  • Second: Caroline Justice: Principles of Marketing
  • Second: Blake Osbun: Financial Consulting
  • Second: Avery Smith: Hotel and Lodging Management
  • Third: Ella DeBolt and Audrey Skinner: Financial Services Team
  • Third: Addisyn Fox and Sandy Raju: Travel and Tourism Marketing Team
  • Fourth: Nate Hollmann: Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Fourth: Preston Pigue and Amanda Webb: Entrepreneurship Team
  • Fifth: Ellie Bozeman and Olivia Wethey: Buying and Merchandising Team
  • Fifth: Emma Kay Moore and Kaitlyn Wallace: Marketing Management Team

Ravenwood High

  • Second: Sydney Fogarty: Apparel and Accessories Marketing
  • Fifth: Makayla Cody and Andrew Mack: Financial Services Team Decision Making
  • Fifth: Srihita Adabala: Restaurant and Food Service Management

Summit High

  • School-Based Enterprise Gold Certification: Ella McClendon
  • Fourth: Ally Losey: Business Growth Plan

From WCS inFocus