Student Section of the Week: Franklin High School’s Rebellion


Get hyped or get out.

For the Franklin High School Rebellion student section, it’s a simple message. But it comes with a tone of sincerity.

In 2014, the FHS student section restructured and rebranded itself as the Rebellion. Taking it a step beyond just showing up to the game by 7 p.m., students wanted to elevate their presence.

“It became very organized because it’s considered the ‘pep’ club but we call it the Rebellion,” FHS senior Max Jordan said. “The club sponsor, Mr. [Mark Saltalamachi], got us organized by having certain days for meetings. And we also started GroupMes [messaging groups] for each grade to help bring together the classes. We decided our themes during our summer meetings to help the cheerleaders plan in advance for banners, props, and any kind of giveaways.”

By Jordan’s side is Clay Francis. The two lead the section together, noting it’s a big responsibility to coordinate hundreds to participate every Friday. Jordan said they like to start early, finding freshmen at lunch time or anywhere else in the school to make sure they feel included. He and Francis also make sure to seek out as many students as they can during they week to spread that spirit before the game.

“We basically just got involved and helped through junior year,” Jordan said. “In past years, the administration has had people interested in doing it, [asking them] to write them an essay on why they would be a good fit. But this year was different. We stepped up and brought a lot to the table before the school year was over. Sooner than later, became the leaders of the Rebellion. We get the student body involved and excited by teaching them that it’s tradition to go to games and get hype.”

This is one in a series of profiles of the Williamson County Schools student sections. 

Emily West covers Franklin, schools, and high school football for Home Page Media Group. Contact her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter via @emwest22.