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Vibrant in their assortment of blues on Friday nights, Centennial High School’s “The Section” is more than its name.

The group who puts it together finds The Section resembles more of a community than a club. Seniors Ethan Woods, Hunter Metts and Daniel Macleod help coordinate the hundreds of students who pile into the bleachers each Friday night.

“The Section is not a club,” Woods said. “It is a community of students coming together, having a great time cheering on a team we love.”

Centennial ramped up its student section around the 2011 season. With the help of teachers Jenn Beasley and Shelley Stice, Woods said they put time and effort to help it run smoothly.

“Ms. Beasley and Ms. Stice kill it every single year,” Woods said. “They are two awesome teachers that spend a lot of time making sure The Section gets everything we need and that we as leaders are where we need to be, when we need to be there, doing what we are supposed to be doing.”

They also help select the students who end up leading The Section at the end of each school year. Responsibilities at Centennial range from having access to its social media accounts to bringing props to games.

How they dress is largely up to who they play and what the trio thinks will garner the most excitement from the student body. Practice of any cheers on Friday nights isn’t required.

“We try hard to create a positive environment and energetic environment that people will naturally be attracted to,” Woods said. “Hunter, Daniel and I try to lead and live like Christ. He has given us this opportunity for a reason, and we know that we can’t waste it.”

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