Storyville Gardens Theme Park Enlists Fifth + Broadway Developer Pat Emery as Co-developer

Storyville Gardens
photo from Storyville Gardens

Storyville Gardens, an interactive theme park to open in the greater Nashville area, has enlisted developer Pat Emery as a co-developer, reports Nashville Business Journal. Emery is the developer responsible for Fifth + Broadway.

DeLisa and Elde Guerrier, the creators of Storyville Gardens announced the project in June 2021 with a projected open date of Spring 2025.

Storyville Gardens is described as a theme park that uses storytelling to engage and connect visitors with a sense of adventure, fantasy, and fun. The park will have four specific areas – Africa, Asia, Europe, and America, giving visitors a storybook tour of the world.

Emery shared with Nashville Business Journal, “After listening to DeLisa talk about it, I started to get excited,”  Emery says said he’s “personally invested” in the project.

This will be the first theme park in the Nashville area since Opryland USA theme park closed in 1997. At this time, there is no information on where the park will be located.

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