weather alert

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch for Middle Tennessee, which has expired.
Throughout the evening, we can expect to still see heavy rain but the threat of severe weather seems to be over.

NWS has also issued a wind advisory until midnight Tuesday.

Get your local live radar here.

Here are some helpful tips when a tornado strikes.

1. Figure out a safe place to ride out the storm
Do you live in a mobile home? Get out. Driving in a car? Get home as quickly as you can, and if that’s not possible, get to a sturdy building.

2. Get away from windows and get underground
Regardless of where you’re hunkering down, it should be as far away from windows as possible. Even if a tornado doesn’t hit, wind or hail could shatter windows, and if you’re nearby, you could get hurt.

7 Things You Should Never Forget When Tornadoes Strike


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