WCS health services
From WCS inFocus

From WCS inFocus

One part of ensuring a good education is making sure all students are as healthy as possible.  All Williamson County schools are staffed with a full-time licensed registered nurse who is available during the school day.

School nurses will return to their school health clinics on August 7 to answer individual questions and concerns from parents prior to the start of school.


WCS requires all medications, both prescription and non-prescription, be brought to the school nurse by the parent/guardian with the WCS medication authorization form completed. A new form is required each school year. Parents can print forms from the Health Services department section of the WCS website by selecting Medication Guidelines and Authorization Forms.

Except for certain emergency medications for which parent/guardian and physician authorization is received, students are not permitted to carry medication on their person. This includes vitamins, cough drops and non-prescription pain relievers.


According to Tennessee law, students who have not met the state’s immunization requirements will not be allowed to attend school. Parents should check with their physician as soon as possible to make sure their child’s immunization requirements have been met before the first day of school, Friday, August 10.

TN Department of Health Certificates of Immunization will be required of each student prior to the first day of attendance for all new WCS students and those entering day care, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and seventh grade. Parents and guardians can obtain the properly completed certificate from a TN Health Department or a health care provider licensed in Tennessee. Please review the WCS Immunization/Health Exam Letter for guidance.

Illness Guidelines

A priority of the Health Services Department is to keep all students healthy and in school. One way schools and parents can work together is to prevent the spread of illness. If a child is not feeling well, parents can refer to the WCS Illness Guidelines to determine if their child should remain at home. Please contact your health care provider or school nurse for additional guidance.

Medical Needs

WCS is committed to ensuring each and every student is properly cared for. If a student has medical needs requiring accommodations or potential emergency medical needs, a school nurse will work with the student’s parent/guardian and health care provider to establish an individual health care plan to address the student’s health needs during the school day.