Status of Missing Kentucky, Tennessee Couple in Brussels Attack Questionable

brussels missing couple

According to the family of a Nashville couple who was reported missing after an Islamic terrorist attack at the Brussels Airport and subway has apparently been given misinformation of their location, and could still be missing.

Justin’s half brother, Levi Sutton, told NewsChannel 5 that Justin’s mom got a call from the state department, who told her the couple has appeared on an injured list. Yet, the severity of their injuries or what hospital they were located in was unclear.

However, a short time later, Sutton tweeted out information saying an official told them the family had been misinformed.

Earlier story:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – A young couple originally from Tennessee and Kentucky have not been seen since they waved goodbye to the woman’s mother at the international airport in Brussels, one of two sites in the city where terrorist bomb attacks killed at least 34 people.

Friends and family of Justin and Stephanie Shults say the couple moved to Brussels in 2014. They said they were dropping Stephanie’s mother off and were watching her walk through security when the bombs went off Tuesday.

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