Starbucks to Close 150 Restaurants

starbucks cup

In order to regain revenue and accelerate growth Starbucks announced plans to close 150 stores nationwide.

While a specific list of closing stores has not been released yet, Starbucks has said that the stores to close will be those that are underperforming and areĀ in the most densely penetrated markets.

Closing underperforming stores is just part of Starbucks’ strategic growth plans. They will also leverage the growing tea and refreshment category and continue to offer more healthy items.

“In 2018, Frappucino sales have fallen by 3%. Last year, sales of the sugary blended beverage were up 4%, compared to 5% in 2016 and 17% in 2015,” reports CNN.

The company is also redesigning its Rewards program to offer customers more choice regarding redemptions and payment.

There are 16 Starbucks in Williamson County, including the Starbucks inside Target in The Crossings of Spring Hill (which is on the Maury County side of Spring Hill).


  1. truly the economy has never been better – just ask the Starbucks employees and baristas who find themselves at the end of the unemployment line with a paper cup in hand

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