Starbucks in Franklin Serving More than Coffee


In the near future, you might find wine and beer on the menu at the Franklin Starbucks on Carothers Parkway.

These new menu items are part of the newly added “evening” menu which Starbucks has been testing in the Seattle area since 2010.  After 2pm, Starbucks will be offering wine and beer along with a small bites menu.  Included on the small bite menu is truffle mac&cheese, spinach artichoke dip with pita & truffle popcorn just to name a few.  Wine offerings include a selection of reds: malbec, pinot noir and others along with white wine selections.  Starbucks also plans to offer a curated craft beer selection based on locations. See a sample of the menu below.


Recently, the Carothers Parkway location applied for a beer permit.  We spoke to a Starbucks spokesperson who said, “we’re in the very early stages of considering this store for the Evenings menu. It’s a long and thoughtful process and the permit filing is just one of many steps we take.”

In addition to the Carothers Parkway location, the Starbucks location on Gallatin Road in Nashville has also applied for a beer permit.

We were given no further details on when we can expect to see the new “Evenings” menu roll out at Carothers Parkway location at this time.  We will keep you updated on further  developments as we receive them.

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