Springtime Wine Adventures

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We all have our favorite wines, but the changing of seasons is a great opportunity to explore other options. Whether you’re looking for different pairings or varietals, warmer weather is a great opportunity to try wines that are lighter, with simpler tastes, and that offer a fresher experience.

Here are some tips to help liven up your wine tasting this spring and keep things fresh through the summer.

Springtime Serving Tips And Tricks

Temperature is often overlooked when serving wines, no matter the variety. It works in both directions, and it’s important to serve both whites and reds at the ideal temperatures to preserve their tasting notes and offer the best experience.

With white wines and roses, plan on chilling and removing them 15 minutes before you serve them. Reds are best served after 30 minutes in the fridge as their flavors are more delicate.

A bottle of great wine paired with your favorite food doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s best to consider the weight of the food you plan on serving and match it with the wine. Heavier, more rich foods tend to fare better with bolder wines. Whereas, lighter fare will pair better with lighter wines. The more delicate the food, the more delicate your wine to go with it.

White Wines

A venerable favorite for those looking for crisp, light, acidic tastes. White wines are refreshing and offer a pleasant retreat from warm weather. Look for the unoaked varieties to pair with typical springtime foods. Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc are not only tasty on their own but offer a light backdrop to enjoy light snacks and food. For a less traditional option, the Albarino offers a unique profile that’s refreshing and different.

For a more crisp experience, high acidity white wines pair well with the salty options on charcuterie boards and are just as delicious on their own.

Red Wines

Known for their contributions to the dinner table worldwide, red wines are often overlooked as the weather turns warm. Their complex taste and richer profiles can be less palatable and refreshing. But nothing beats a light pinot noir, ever. At home in brisk weather on its own, or paired with a tasty lunch pasta, the Pinot Noir is a happy medium between the darker, more tannin-infused reds and the lighter, more acidic whites.

Consider tempranillo or grenache for a similar light red experience and steer away from Cabernets and other higher tannin counts. These wines tend to be heavier and maybe less refreshing in warmer weather.

Sparkling Wines

Another warm-weather favorite, that’s more often used for celebrations than refreshment. Sparkling wines offer the fresh acidity and clean flavors of pure white wines, with a splash of carbonation to quench thirst and keep you refreshed.

Look for the Spanish cava variety for an affordable take on champagne that offers all the taste you want, without the price tag.

Rose Wines

A versatile wine that’s at home in the cooler weather, as much as it is in warm weather. It combines flavors from both red and white wines, and pairs well with lighter proteins, veggies, and fruits.

Roses are unique in that they’re made with a variety of grapes, in different regions and offer both dry and refreshing options, in addition to the darker flavors inherent to syrahs and dark reds.

As with white and red wines, the chillier the weather, the more appropriate darker roses feel.

Springtime Wine Tasting

Interested in diving in on springtime favorites?

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