Spring’s Spectacular Reds

red wine

Ask just about anybody what their favorite springtime wine is and nine times out of ten you’re going to hear:


Not a bad answer. But… cliche? Let’s branch out. Let’s sprout some new buds. While it’s true that rosé is a popular and delicious wine for springtime, it’s certainly not the only wine that’s good for April’s fair weather.

Let’s look at a few of the regions that are known for making some of the best springtime wines! If you only think of Napa and Italy as being the classic wine countries, we’re about to take you on a broader trip around the world in search of delicious red wines for spring!

Lower Australia
In South Australia, there are six primary growing regions: Barossa, Fleurieu, the Limestone Coast, Lower Murray, and Far North. In each region, the wine-making process is approached differently, and therefore the wines from each region are not only expertly crafted but wonderfully unique as well.

The Barossa Valley, for example, has been producing high-quality Australian wines for more than a century. The Cabernet Sauvignon wines that come out of the Barossa Valley are some of the best red wines for spring, and they’re known for their bold and powerful flavors. In the close-by Eden Valley, where the climate is cooler, tart springtime wines that have intense acidity are made year round.

Wine connoisseurs have long been in love with Portugal’s wine-making regions, and some of the best wines in spring come from this country’s vineyards. In Portugal, there are several grape varieties that are only grown and used in the country, so there’s a certain mystique attached to a lot of Portuguese wines. The Douro Valley is one of the most famous regions in the country, known for producing special varieties of port, a sweet and delicious red wine for spring. (And, not all ports are just for dessert!)

When it comes to Argentine wine, malbec is synonymous. The malbec grapes have been essentially abandoned by Europe, and therefore many Argentinian winemakers believe it’s their duty to show the world how these grapes can be used to make some of the most delicious springtime wines. In Argentina, the Salta, Rio and Neuquen, Catamarca, Mendoza, and Cordoba regions are known worldwide for making first-rate malbecs.

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