dethatcing lawn

Having a neat and healthy lawn adds to the aesthetic value of your home and space. Maintaining a tidy and healthy lawn requires you to be equipped with few gardening skills.

Cutting your grass is an important step to creating a healthy lawn.Cutting your grass does not only maintain the neatness of your lawn but also helps maintain the health of your yard.

Spring is the growing season for grass, and it is during this period that you will have to step up your lawn care so that you can maintain a healthy green lawn. The frequency of mowing your lawn will solely depend on the rate of growth of your grass. Cutting your grass once a week during the growing season will keep your lawn healthy. When cutting your grass, you should also consider the one-third rule so that you do not cut too much grass and remove the parts of the grass that produce food. If the need arises for you to cut more than what is required, it is advisable for you to mow your lawn regularly until it reaches the desired height. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should only cut your grass once it is tall enough because cutting short grass will weaken the root system hence hindering the absorption of water and fertilizer.

To have a healthy and neat lawn this spring, one should undertake a few tasks in addition to cutting your grass, such as de-thatching, aerating, over-seeding and fertilizing the lawn.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, and it harms grass such that it chokes it and makes the grass not to grow. De-thatching can be done with simple tools such as a rake.

Aerating your lawn helps the lawn to absorb and retain moisture, and this can be done by using the tiller with aerated blades.

Over-seeding can be done by hand or using a broadcast spreader where the seeds are spread across the de-thatched and aerated lawn.

Top dressing the lawn is a crucial aspect that will help your garden grow green and healthy. Take note that while applying the compost on the grass, you should avoid laying soil too thick or in clumps.

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