Spring Hill Resident Needs Your Vote in Health & Fitness Competition

Katie Roberts
credit-April Milam Photography

Spring Hill resident and fitness aficionado Katie Roberts is taking part in the Ms Health & Fitness contest. She and her family moved to Spring Hill a couple of years ago after her husband’s job brought them to the area. The mother of four is currently in the semi-final round and needs your vote to move into the finals.

We spoke to Roberts asking her why she chose to take part in the fitness competition.

“I entered the competition not thinking I would ever win or even get this far. I didn’t even think I would make it through the first round. But I figured, nothing amazing happens without stepping out of your comfort zone. Fitness is a passion of mine and I knew that no matter what, it would be a fun experience!” said Roberts.

As Roberts mentioned, fitness is a passion but it doesn’t come easy for her as she faces several health challenges.

“I have stage four kidney disease, severe endometriosis and have suffered with postpartum anxiety. I have learned there will always be something to hurdle over. However, if you make staying healthy and fit a priority, it will happen. God has worked His miracles in my life and I’m so blessed to be healthy enough today to have my four kids and be able to workout like I do. Last year, I was hospitalized twice and this year I have spent several nights in the ER due to my illnesses but with patience, I can get back at it and keep going,” said Roberts.

Winning for Roberts would be a way to encourage other women who face obstacles and for those who compare themselves to others, she has a message for them as well.

Roberts says, “We need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. We are all beautiful. Healthy looks different for everyone! Our bodies are amazing and we should appreciate them more! Working out and eating right isn’t about punishing ourselves for having fat or eating brownies. It’s about seeing the awesome things our bodies can and will do. I want to help women and men to focus on what they love about their bodies and not what they hate.  Our bodies are incredible no matter what shape or size they are and truly once I stopped comparing myself is when I started to see real results outwardly and inwardly!”

Semi-final voting ends next Thursday, August 2nd. Roberts has to be first in her group to move onto the finals. If she makes it to the finals, then she will have to take first to win the whole competition. Voting for finals starts August 3 and ends August 9. Start voting here.