Spring Hill Commute Ranked Worst in Tennessee

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According to MSN, Spring Hill residents have the worst commute in Tennessee. With a strong economy and cheap gas U.S roads are more traveled than ever causing the worst traffic we have seen in a long time. The Texas Transportation Institute estimates our love for driving costs us $160 billion a year including productivity and gas burned sitting in traffic.

The data is a five-year estimate taken from 2010-2014 and doesn’t include cities with less than 15,000 in population. The data is a tad old and most Spring Hill residents would agree that the drive on I-65 has gotten better in the last couple months due to new lanes opening up in the Peytonsville section of the drive.

Last year Williamson Source conducted a traffic survey and the data also shows that I-65 is the primary artery for North-South travel, with the various exits providing the primary means for East-West travel. Over 91% believe traffic is getting worse, nearly 84% believe roads are generally inadequate, and 94% believe roads are not ready for future growth.

Here are the top 5 worst commutes in the United States.

RankStateCityAverage Commute
#22TennesseeSpring Hill31.9 Minutes
#1CaliforniaTemescal Valley48 Minutes
#2WashingtonBainBridge Island45.6 Minutes
#3New YorkScarsdale43.9 Minutes
#4MarylandWaldorf42.9 Minutes
#5FloridaPoinciana42.8 Minutes

To view the whole list with photos please visit MSN here.


  1. The problem is getting out of subdivisions and down the narrow 2lane roads in bumper to bumper traffic in order to get to the interstate. Why can’t this be fixed!

  2. The problem could be fixed if some common sense was applied to the constant new construction, tractor trailer truck restrictions and driving courses for the majority of the people who live here.

  3. Now, with the city’s recent planning approval to rezone and allow building of higher density residentials, PLUS, add more unnecessary COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES to one of the city’s most TRAFFIC congested clusters, I believe the only way to ‘fix’ these serious problems is to elect a new City Council that drives through here every day!

  4. There is a lot more road rage today in Spring Hill, as a result. People are honking horns, tailgating, and flying through school zones.

  5. The problem is the lack of exit and entrances to the interstate. It limits the choices to bypass busy areas of the community. nothin between 840 and Saturn Parkway. Forcing cars on to side roads as they try to get home. Another exit would eliminate some of the congestion.

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