Spring Hill Police Officer Wins the Flowers for Heroes Award from Mix 92.9 FM

flowers for heroes
Photos from Mix 92.9 FM

Congratulations to Officer Mary Beth Lovett for being awarded with Flowers for Heroes from Mix 92.9 FM. Officer Lovett was nominated by Chance. Thank you for making the world a brighter place! Nominate Your Hero Here!

Nomination (by Joe Britton, Mix 92.9): She’s an officer in our local community of Spring Hill. Chance is actually my 11 year old daughter and she very much loves Officer Lovett, to the point that she has had me chase her down and has run across a McDonald’s parking lot while she’s in the drive-thru. Officer Lovett is SUCH a staple in this community and has just got the biggest heart of anyone you would ever meet. She’s been photographed helping people and didn’t even know she was being filmed when it happened. She’s so compassionate and she adores everyone she comes into contact with. My daughter considers her a true friend and she always has a smile on her face for my kiddo. She’s all business when she’s on a case though. We were watching the news one night when Officer Lovett was on the case of a local shooting and my daughter was so upset at the thought that she might have been injured, I made sure to check on her instantly. She’s out here every day, just like every officer in the force, and putting herself on the line. As soon as we heard your ‘Flowers for Hero’s’ idea, my daughter instantly told me I HAD to nominate Mary-Beth. Even if she’s not selected, please know, she is SUCH a HUGE part of our community, that she may not even realize how much. She is VERY loved by this family and I know first hand of many others as well. She is an incredible woman that has lost many people in her life and still is able to be the rockin chick that she is. Please consider her for the flowers. She would so completely NOT expect it, but she deserves it more than anyone. My daughter says, and I quote: “I love you so much, Mary-Beth. You are so special to me. I hope you get the flowers because you deserve them. Love, Chance.”

Do you know someone who is working hard on the front lines or just needs a little extra love in these tough times? It could be a first responder, a delivery person, a Doctor, someone stocking shelves, a teacher, the cleaning staff at an area hospital, the trash pickup or mailman…or your neighbor. Nominate Your Hero Here!