Spring Hill Man Pinned by Vehicle in Walmart Parking Lot

spring hill man pinned by vehicle

by Quint Qualls, Spring Hill Home Page

Vanderbilt LifeFlight was called in to the Spring Hill Walmart on Friday morning after a vehicle fell on a man as he was working beneath it.

The individual, whose identity has not yet been released, was working on the vehicle’s transmission when the car engaged and rolled over on him, said Spring Hill Fire Chief Terry Hood.

“And then there was a laid-off Detroit firefighter in the parking lot,” Hood said. “He had been laid off about a year ago. He heard the call for help, so he rushed over – and he just so happened to have floor jack with him – and he quickly propped the vehicle up and pulled the guy out. It’s pretty incredible.”

One woman who witnessed the accident said another woman’s SUV was stuck. The SUV was displaying it was in reverse on the dash despite the vehicle being in neutral.

“All seemed well,” she said. “Another nice gentleman tried to help, and he went under the car to check the transmission linkage. I continued back to my car, started loading my groceries a few car stalls away, when I heard two screams – one from the woman watching her car reverse back on the same angle we just pushed it from and another from the guy being dragged under the car. It was horrifying to behold. The vehicle never ran him over, only dragged him backwards with it.

“Just then a man sprinted over with a three-ton floor jack and lifted the frame of the vehicle enough to unpin him. The emergency services were there within a flash – amazing quickness really. They got the guy unpinned and took him to the hospital.”

According to Hood, the Detroit firefighter’s name is Andrew Moss. The man who was taken away via Life Flight was hurt pretty badly, suffering some broken ribs and lacerations as a result of the accident, Hood said, although he does not believe any of the injuries sustained were life threatening.