Spring Hill to Hold Public Meeting on Urban Growth Boundaries

Lewisburg Pike in the Springhill area, photo by Kelly Ahlberg
Lewisburg Pike in the Spring Hill/photo by Kelly Ahlberg

Like many cities and counties in Tennessee, Spring Hill is engaged in land use planning to maintain vibrant and livable suburban and rural communities for the future. One aspect of this process is the expansion of the city’s boundaries, also known as Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs).

UGBs are essentially tools municipalities use to guide and implement their land use planning process and to manage population growth. They delineate Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) where appropriate development is encouraged, and where infrastructure like roads, water, and sewer exist or are planned.

While UGBs are part of the land management process created by the state, Spring Hill wants to chart its own course and include local residents in the regional process.

Toward those ends, city staff will hold two public discussion meetings at City Hall on October 20, 2021 at 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm. All city residents and resident groups are invited to attend, ask questions and join the discussion.

The Spring Hill Planning Department staff has created a proposed Urban Growth Boundary map for the city. It includes two proposed UGBs. Before presenting it to city officials for their debate, they want to share and discuss it with local residents.

“We want to hear what Spring Hill residents think and answer their questions about UGBs and the city and regional planning process,” said Calvin Abram, Spring Hill Director of Planning. “Our city has grown quickly and we want to make sure our decisions are sound and our public process is inclusive.”

Abram, a veteran city planning professional, joined the Spring Hill staff this Spring as Director of Planning in March of 2021. The city recently hired Jake McQueen as an Associate Planner in September 2021.


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