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There were 51 cases assigned to Criminal Investigation Division (CID) this month; down from 62 cases assigned in January 2015. The predominant crime investigated this month were theft related incidences with eighteen incidences being reported.

One Sex Offender reported to the police department as required for the month. All sex offenders residing in the city are in compliance with the Sex Offender Registry guidelines. CID was not assigned any background checks for the month.1

Other crimes assigned to CID:

  • 1 Aggravated Rape 1 Runaway
  • 1 Aggravated Domestic Assault 6 Vandalisms
  • 1 Death Investigation 1 Vehicle Burglary
  • 10 Domestic Assaults 1 Violation of Order of Protection
  • 1 Fraud
  • 5 Fraudulent use of a Credit Card
  • 1 Harassment
  • 2 Identity Thefts
  • 1 Rape
  • 1 Rape of a Child

16 Cases assigned this month were felony related cases. Of the cases assigned this month 3 have been closed and 4 have been placed in
suspended status.

Narcotics Investigations:

There were 12 cases worked this month. Completed cases as follows:

  •  2 Sale of Schedule 2 in a school zone
  •  2 Possession of Schedule 2 Methamphetamines
  •  2 Sale of Schedule 2 Heroin
  •  4 Sales of schedule 2 Crack Cocaine
  •  2 Federal cases with Crystal Methamphetamines


• CID is currently working a Shoplifting Ring that have stolen from Walmart Super center in Spring Hill approximately twelve times. These subjects are pushing items out of the store undetected and bringing merchandise to customer service to get a refund for items that were never purchased. There are four subjects involved and one has been identified while the others are using fake identities.

This same group are stealing from both Nashville and Brentwood Home Depots and returning the items to the other. Warrants will be issued on the identified subject and identities of the others are still pending.

• This month Narcotic Investigators worked with the FBI to seize 5 ounces of Crystal Methamphetamines that was being shipped through the mail. Five defendants were acting in concert with this case. Charges are pending.

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