Spring Hill Couple to Appear on CBS Game Show

Brynn Marie Josh Himes

We caught up with Brynn Marie and Josh Himes, of Spring Hill, who will make an appearance on the CBS game show “Candy Crush.”

The couple were in the Dominican Republic when they heard about the opportunity to be on the show. Previously, the couple appeared on “House Hunters” when they were looking to purchase their Spring Hill home. Brynn Marie is a singer/songwriter who previously toured with Pat Benatar and Josh Himes is a pro boxer known as “The Handsome Hitman.”

We were able to catch up with the couple just before a Best Buddies event at Kings Bowl in Cool Springs where Brynn Marie sang her latest single “Phoenix” and Josh Himes gave the group some boxing tips.

Brynn wrote the song “Phoenix” while sitting on the edge of the boxing ring while Josh was training for a fight and her brother was fighting his second round of cancer. She wanted to write a song to encourage them to keep fighting. The song became even more impactful when Josh lost a fight (one of his only 2 loses) and they realized to rise we must fall. Her brother is now cancer free and Josh just became the UBF All -Americas cruiserweight champ. Download “Phoenix” on iTunes. 

For more information visit, their Fight 2 Fight Facebook page where they will announce when their show will air. Josh will be teaching a class at Title Boxing in Cool Springs on Saturday, July 15 at 9:15a, make your reservations here. 

Watch Brynn Marie performing for the Best Buddies group at Kings Bowl.



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