Spring Hill Blogger Appears on Lifetime Show

Nick Shell Lifetime Show Dudes From Different Latitudes

Spring Hill resident Nick Shell is a stay at home dad blogger who found himself on an almost two-year journey for the Lifetime Show ‘This Time Next Year.’

It all began when Nick published a blog post about his resemblance to a guy on a Campbell’s soup package (see photo above) in June 2016. This led to a call from a Lifetime producer and a journey that he had to keep quiet until the show aired. Nick’s episode titled “Dudes from Different Latitudes” aired Feb 27th and follows his journey as he searches for the man on the soup package/his doppelganger.

We were able to talk with Nick about his experience, some of the things you didn’t see on the show and what’s next. Fun Fact: Shell is actually a vegan, which is ironic that he’s tracking down a guy on a Campbell’s soup package, a soup that he will never eat.

Watch our interview here:

If you’re familiar with Nick’s videos, you may notice he will often change his hair but for the show, it had to remain the same for taping continuity until the end when his doppelganger had grown a beard so Nick was asked to grow a beard within a few weeks for the finale.

Nick also wrote and performed the song “Dudes from Different Latitudes” on the show which became the title of the episode. While Nick admits to being a songwriter he doesn’t call himself a strong performer but we think he rocked it.

Watch the Lifetime Show online here. Follow Nick Shell’s blog here.