Spring Hill Bakery

On October 5, 2019, Spring Hill Bakery will be closing its storefront operation to meet the demand for online cookie orders. They will halt production on their breads, cinnamon rolls, and quick breads to focus solely on their cookie line, serving both the local communities with delivery and nationally to all 50 states through shipping. Additionally, SHB will open up to wholesale opportunities with cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

After a serious health scare, owner Sarah Gonzalez was forced to reevaluate the rigorous demands of her beloved bakery and has chosen to narrow her focus on her line of cookies. “Being faced with your own mortality is humbling. It has made me rethink how this business is affecting both my health and personal life. Not many people know exactly what goes into making everything in-house. The amount of physical exertion required to produce more than 4000 items weekly is a lot and it has finally caught up with me.

“While it’s been difficult to admit that my team and I can’t do it all,” Sarah continued, “I know that moving forward with our cookies will be not only sustainable and manageable, but it will open up more opportunities for future partnerships and projects, as we scale our business. They will still be the same made-from-scratch cookies. It’s important to me that we don’t compromise that integrity.”

After many inquiries, owner Sarah Gonzalez will also be launching bread-making classes at their current location, as well as creating an online course for those who live outside Middle Tennessee. Her classes will feature step-by-step instruction on her artisan breads, quick breads, cinnamon rolls, and many other products they’ve become known for. “Bread-making and teaching will always be a passion. Since we’ve been asked so often to teach classes, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a baking program for those who’ve been so interested in what it takes to make a great loaf of bread.”

Sarah is also in the beginning stages of production on her own show, marrying together her love of cooking and baking with other creative talents.

To learn more about Spring Hill Bakery or inquire about wholesale opportunities,
visit springhillbakery.com or follow them on Instagram @springhillbakery. To learn more about baking classes, follow Sarah on Instagram @breadladytv


  1. Sad to see the Spring Hill Bakery close.
    Love love the cinnamon buns, bread cookies etc…..Best baked goods around!!

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