Spring Hill Bakery Makes Cuban Bread for Scout’s Pub

Big fan of the Spring Hill Bakery? So is Scout’s Pub in Westhaven.

They teamed up to create their Cuban Bread just for Scout’s. It is featured in their special Po’ Boy sandwich, and some other sandwiches.

Executive Chef Lee Rice just re-made some of the menu, and he asked Corey and Sarah Gonzalez, the owners of Spring Hill Bakery, to come up with something special for it.

“Cuban bread is different from other breads in that it uses manteca (pork fat) instead of, say, butter or oil,” Sarah Gonzalez said. “This makes it a more savory bread that’s perfect for a meaty sandwich and it toasts beautifully.  It has a slight essence of bacon baked into it.”
She tipped her hand, ever so slightly, and obliged us by explaining a little bit behind the secret to perfect bread.
“The key is in the mixing process,” she said. “It takes a certain finesse to achieve the correct texture and lightness that’s characteristic of authentic pan Cubano. Technique is everything, though that’s proprietary information.”
To try it, you can go to Scout’s or Spring Hill Bakery.