Spring Fling Update: Team Tennis Championships

Team Tennis Championships were held Wednesday. Here’s how the Williamson County teams did.

Ravenwood Boys v. Tennessee Class AAA State Championship

Tennessee was just too much for Ravenwood in the State Championships. Tennessee would walk away as State Champs with a 4-1 win.

According to Ravenwood Coach Robbie McCammon, the Raptors had nothing to hang their head about.

Q. Despite coming up just short of the goal for the season, I  know you have to be proud of these guys. Can you comment on the success of the season with this group?

A. We’ve have a great year. A lot of great play and senior leadership and that made my job a lot fun.Tennessee High is a tough team, but we did, we battled for sure. We had them scared for a moment there.

Class AAA Girls State Champs : Brentwood Bruins

It only took 4 matches. Brentwood Lady Bruins lost one set in 4 matches to take the Class AAA State Championship. Scorecard was as follows:

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