Spring Break Ready: Skin, Hair & Nail Care

spring hair
Photo: A Moments Peace Instagram

The days are getting longer, our coats are lighter, and before we know it, we’ll be trading in sweaters for swimsuits. After a long winter, we’re more than ready to plan for spring.

Here are some tips on getting your skin, hair, and nails spring break ready.

Color and Moisturize Your Hair

Spring is the perfect time to let your hair grow out and enjoy those beautiful locks before the summer heat. It’s also a great time to add in some color and extra conditioning so your hair is at its healthiest and most beautiful. Spring is a popular time to brighten your hair with color and highlights. Bright colors like pink, cherry red and ultraviolet streaks have been particularly popular, and so many salon specialists love playing with the bright color in unique ways.

While coloring and bleaching and even blow drying can damage your hair, you can condition your hair back to health. Olaplex is a product many salons use, but you can also try a leave-in conditioner or apply an overnight treatment. The healthier your hair, the better it will take color and be easier to maintain over time. Check with your salon about the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

Moisturize Your Skin

Just like your hair, your skin also needs moisturizing. The cold, winter air not only dries out your skin; it also makes it fragile. Spring is the time to get your skin back to a healthy state before the summer heat arrives. As a regular practice, it’s important to exfoliate and apply lotion. Another key ingredient to healthy skin is to make sure you’re hydrated (i.e. drinking enough water.) Here are some additional tips on taking care of your skin.

  • Dial down your bath and shower temp to warm—and suds up with a mild cleanser that won’t over-dry your skin. Hot water strips your essential moisturizing oils.
  • If you prefer baths, add colloidal oatmeal, which is soothing and especially moisturizing for chapped, damaged skin.
  • Avoid shaving every day, or better yet, switch to waxing.
  • Lightly pat your skin dry with your towel, rather than rubbing.
  • Protect and moisturize your lips with a lip balm with SPF 20 protection.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen. You need at least 6% zinc oxide and 50+ SPF.

Strengthen and Care for Your Nails

Regular manicures and pedicures can keep your nails healthy all spring long. This spring bright colors are trending, particularly blues, pinks, orange, and of course the color of the year coral.

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