spring hill sportsplex

Spring Hill Mayor Rick Graham announced that the city is considering building a sportsplex to meet the growing needs of the community. A Sportsplex Task Force has been created, Mayor Graham announced via Facebook Monday.

So, what exactly does that mean? Below, we unpack some of the information Mayor Graham relayed on social media.

What is the role of the task force?

Technically speaking “the Sportsplex Task Force will serve as an advisory committee to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) to make non-binding recommendations about these facilities for the board’s consideration,” Mayor Graham explained.

Meaning, the group is tasked with doing the groundwork that could lead to the actual building of a sportsplex.

First, the group will conduct a market feasibility study and evaluate case studies to learn best practices in how to approach planning, design, land acquisition, fundraising and more.

Who is on the task force?

Mayor Graham has appointed the following members to the task force:

– Alderman Jeff Graves
– Planning Commissioner Paul Downing
– Former Alderman Jonathan Duda
– Former Alderman Clint McCain
– Tim Brister
– Jon Stephenson
– Rod Holliman.

Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Fischer and his department staff also will provide staff expertise to the task force.

Why does Spring Hill potentially need a sportsplex?

About 70% of children ages 6-17 are playing team sports, according to the National Association of Sports Commissioners and Spring Hill currently doesn’t have space for many team sports. Specifically, “Spring Hill does not have enough active ball fields to serve our population size, and many children simply are not able to play organized baseball/softball due to the high numbers, or have to play or participate outside of Spring Hill,” Mayor Graham noted.

In addition to the overwhelming number of children interested in sports, there are “positive economic impacts that come along with first-class sports complexes…These types of facilities attract regional and national tournaments, resulting in significant new spending to boost the local economy, and bring in additional tax revenue to help fund these types of public developments,” Mayor Graham added.

Which sports will be included in a potential sportsplex?

While this question doesn’t have an answer yet, many Spring Hill citizens posted comments in reaction to Mayor Graham’s post, listing sports they would like to see supported in Spring Hill. Initially, the task force is doing essential research that will be presented to the board in order for the board to consider a sportsplex in Spring Hill.

Read Mayor Graham’s entire post here.