Spencer Hall Neighborhood in Franklin Recovering From Storm Damage

Sunrise Friday unveiled significant storm damage in the Spencer Hall neighborhood near Jim Warren Park in Franklin.  Crews were already at work repairing roofs and other property damage.  The National Weather Service is conducting a storm survey to determine if a tornado actually hit the area, or if winds from a severe thunderstorm are to blame, and an official report should be filed later Friday.

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Blue tarps covered parts of roofs, and several streets in Spencer Hall were littered with shingles, flashing, tree branches, and other debris Friday morning.  Several fences and trees have been blown down.  At one home, a window had been broken and was being boarded up, and two garage doors had been ripped from another home one street over.  The damage pattern follows a stright line through the center of the neighborhood, indicating either a weak tornado (perhaps EF1) or, more likely, straight-line winds from a severe thunderstorm.

Storm spotters identified a funnel cloud in the area, and there were several citizen-reported sightings of a tornado.  The Spring storm built quickly from the Northwest, and cut a path through Williamson County as it gained intensity.  Most damage reports form a trail from Spencer Hall to Jim Warren Park, and on to West Main Street near Downs Boulevard and over to Columbia Avenue.

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