South Florida Investor Buys Historic Main Street Properties

Taziki's main street franklin

Burton Handlesman, an investor from South Florida has purchased three properties on Main Street in Downtown Franklin.

The Nashville Business Journal reports he paid $5.4 million for the historic buildings at 422, 424 and 428 Main Street.

These address include Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, gift shop Yarrow Acres and hair salon Dion’s South.

Handlesman is “a dominant landlord on Palm Beach, Fla.’s swanky retail strip and the man who very briefly held the record for the largest price ever paid for Nashville real estate, paying an average of $815 for each square foot of a two-story building on Lower Broadway, the hub of Nashville’s country music-driven tourist industry,” writes The Nashville Business Journal.

A commercial real estate firm in Franklin–Loch Company–performed the closing of the sale and will be managing the properties for the new owners.

Investor Burt Handlesman of Palm Beach Florida purchased the properties from the estate of long time Franklin residents Bob and Sally Poe. Handelsman now owns the properties at 422, 424 and 428 Main St. — presently home to Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, the gift shop Yarrow Acres and the high-end hair salon Dion’s South.

This is the 4th property purchase by the group on Main Street. In 2013, Handlesman purchased the building that Anthropologie houses, at 335 Main Street, reports Nashville Business Journal.

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