Sneak Peek of Super Bowl Commercials 2019

Super Bowl

Some of us watch Super Bowl for the game and others of us watch it for the commercials and halftime show. In years past, some companies have been releasing commercials before the biggest game of the year. Here’s a few we found to share. Let us know if you have a favorite.

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon is bringing back another Alexa commercial this year. You’ll see Harrison Ford as he tries out new Alexa functions that don’t exactly make the cut.

2. Olay Killer Skin

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Olay make their Super Bowl Debut in 2019. And with a reference to movies that the actress has appeared in – It’s all about killer skin.

3. Avocado from Mexico with Kristen Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth is the celebrity commentator at a dog event with a twist. Humans are competing for the prizes.

4. M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial

M&M’s released a teaser of their Super Bowl commercial featuring Christina Applegate. It appears she’s playing a game of “Lock Out” in a grocery store parking lot.

5. Hyundai “The Elevator”

Jason Bateman is the elevator operator who takes his passengers on some of the things you don’t want to do but have to do like a root canal, jury duty, and car shopping.

6. Planters Nuts

The Planters nutmobile has been seen in a Super Bowl commercial since 2008. It’s back featuring Charlie Sheen.

7. Skechers with Tony Romo

Football legend and CBS sports analyst Tony Romo shows us the easy life with Skechers.

8. Doritos with Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys team up with Chance the Rapper to announce a new flavor of Doritos –  Flamin’ Hot Nacho.

9. Expensify with 2 Chainz

It’s a first showing for Expensify, an app to help you organize your expenses. And if you snap a photo of the receipt for the ice car, you can enter to win prizes. Find all of the details here.

10. Stella Artois “The Dude”

“The Dude” (aka Jeff Bridges) and Sarah Jesscia Parker from “Sex in the City” return to their iconic roles to change things up with their order.

11. Pringles Sad Device

Not everyone can enjoy the stackable flavors of Pringles…..