preparing your garden for winter

Landscaping and gardening can become quite an undertaking, particularly, as the weather turns colder. Fall is still here, but winter is approaching fast. Winter will be here in another month or so. The latest reports hint winter will be approaching us faster than we expected. You need to do everything you can to protect your garden and vegetables from the brutal weather that will be hitting our regions soon.

1) You need to clean up your garden. Tasks like that will require a little more than basic gardening. Start with one bed and work your way down. If you only have a few small beds, the cleanup will not be as tedious and hard. If you get the work done now, then you will have less to worry about once winter has come and gone.

You will need to remove the dead vegetation first. Do you have any mold or mildew growing in your garden? Clear it out and burn it. You can also try throwing it into the garbage. You do not want to add it to your composite pile. The idea is to get rid of the mold, not help it to spread. Add some mulch to your bed. You do not want to add too much. If you add too much, then your groud will freeze up completely.

2) You should get a soil test done before winter hits. Your soil test will tell you how much lime and fertilizer your soil needs. You can take care of that before and after winter hits.

3) Plant some garlic bulbs. You do not need a whole lot. You need only a few bulbs. Add a little mulch in at planting time. Add a substantial amount once the ground begins to freeze. The mulch will help your garlic as they lie dormant until spring.

4) Add some new beds to your gardening list. If you set up the beds right, you will be ready for the yardwork when the new spring comes around. If you do not have the time to devote to your new landscaping project, then it is better to hold off.

5) Gather up the leaves. Place them into bags. They can be used as mulch, compost, and leaf mold. The leaf mold can be used as a component to help enrich the soil. Leaf mold also works as food for organisms living in the soil.

6) You need to take notes. The notes you take will help determine how your proceed next spring. What plants did well this year? Is there one flower bed that did not fare as well this year? Your notes will also give you an idea of what did and did not work. Your landscaping will work for or against you. The notes will help determine what direction to take next time.

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