The Singularity by Mark Cornelius

Mark Cornelius, a local writer who lives in Franklin, just had his first fiction book published, The Singularity.

We asked him some questions on how he became a writer and what The Singularity is all about.

So what is The Singularity about, and how did it come about?

I look at ideas of how we look at the universe. By nature, I am a junk scientist. I love to look at that sort of thing, reading about theories and how the universe was formed and what the speculation is on the components of the universe. I found that we had very little fact and lots and lots of fiction and the best formula in the world is only a theory. Instead, I thought, lets look at whats going on in the universe and look at that.

There is a huge black hole at the center of our universe, and it is moving. But its not supposed to be.

So I thought, what if God is a scientist, what if he’s using the universe to set everything up for another outcome? What if that singularity started moving exponentially.

What if it moved to Earth, and we had an apocalypse type situation?

So, you have my main character, Danny Anderson, a physicist by nature who has given up his trade and taken another path. He and a friend continue to explore anomalies in the universe and find problems and solutions.

How did you get into writing?

I started writing music a long long time ago. I wrote a couple of musicals—always wanted to grow up to be a rock star. I love music. What I found I  loved more is the written word. The written word is where I really find joy.

How did you become an author?

I have written for long time, and have a journalistic blog HERE. It was something that I used to communicate with friends. Back in 1997, I just started writing it and showed it to my wife. It was a conversation between me and God. My thoughts, reflections, reaching out there— I gave it to her and she said ‘mind if I share this with with a friend?’

So, word spread and I kept blogging and eventually a friend of mine said ‘you need to write a book.’ ‘About what,’ I said. ‘What about your blog?’ And it just kind of took off from there.

The Singularity, by Mark Cornelius, is in stores now or you can order it from his Websiteblog or on Amazon.

He has published two nonfiction books: Rut Management and Believement, which can also be purchased from his site.

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