Sign up today for text alerts from the City of Brentwood to avoid sitting in traffic due to an accident, or as it happened on Thursday, July 23 a gas leak occurred shutting down Wilson Pike. If your wondering how this works and want to sign up, Nixle is an easy service the City of Brentwood uses to send out non-emergency alerts, most often for traffic problems.

A text is sent to you phone and you can also have an email sent to your inbox. Police and Fire will send alerts to your phone in case of an emergency. It’s a handy tool to have, and one that can save community members time and frustration.

google mapIf you follow Google Maps or WAZE, you may notice some red lines when there is a traffic issue, however by signing up for Nixle, you get alerts quickly and can avoid driving where a potential back up is located.

Click here to register for Nixle and be in the know the next time there is an alert from the City of Brentwood.

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