Showtime Sports : Give Kids A Break

Seriously, give your kids a break. Do you realize how many days they have been cooped up with you adults? It’s ridiculous how much they have suffered during this cold spell. It’s time you gave them a break from you, and no better place to do that today than Showtime Sports Academy¬† located at 119 Seaboard Lane.

School is cancelled….AGAIN! Parents you have already missed enough work so let Showtime Sports Academy help! Drop the kids off at Showtime Sports Academy for the Cabin Fever All Sports Camp. $50 for all campers from 9AM-3PM. $35 for partial day 9AM-12PM or 12PM-3PM. If you stay the full day lunch will be provided! It’s the dodgeball, soccer, baseball, football, and capture the flag rematch! Don’t let the snow get your game ice cold!
Age Range 6-14

Register here or call 615-373-1105