Hill Yeah
credit - Facebook

Kelli Messmer, Spring Hill resident has created a new way for Spring Hill residents to show their community pride with a “Spring Hill Yeah” sticker.

The sticker is blue and white with the word “Hill” in large type above the word “yeah.” The “i” of Hill is the Tennessee Tristar.

“The purpose of the sticker is to create a community identity. Give Spring Hillians something to rally behind and be known for because right now we are nothing,” said Messmer.

The Spring Hill Yeah stickers are $2 and can be purchased at Legacy Coffee Co, Grecian Family Restaurant and Bakery, Vintage 615, and The Beach Company Chill.

“The money made will be placed back into our city through non-profits or other initiatives. However, we have not gotten that far yet,” she continued.

On Facebook, Messmer features the sticker at local places of interest like the Farmers Market at Harvey Park, the newly announced Chili’s location, and “Pickin’ in the Park.”

In one of Messmer’s Facebook posts, she wrote, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. Comment below a “Hill Yeah” if you agree!?!” to which followers of the page commented overwhelmingly with “Hill Yeah.”

Be sure to follow “Hill Yeah-Spring Hill, TN” Facebook page here for the latest updates. This project is not affiliated with the City or with the Chamber of Commerce; it is an individual project.