Show ‘Nashville’ Ends in Cliffhanger but is there Hope?

Show Nashville

How many of you were screaming at the TV when the show ‘Nashville’ ended. There were certain moments that the fans had hoped would happen-Scarlett and Gunnar seem to be moving toward each other,Maddie returned to her family after Deacon swooped  in and rescued her.

But the moment that had everyone saying NOOOOOO was when we thought there might be a chance that Avery and Juliette would be getting back together only to learn that Juliette’s plane had gone missing. Say what?

Just before the finale on ABC,gossip was out that there would be a happy ending for all of the characters.

Entertainment Weekly obtained an email by Lionsgate TV exec,Kevin Beggs stating that”We’re looking for a new home — we never give up on a great show.”

After the finale aired,Lionsgate TV tweeted about the ending.

Lionsgate TV

Fans who are now referred to as #Nashies responded to the Tweet by saying.


Throughout the finale,fans were tweeting #bringbacknashville with over 140,000 tweets during the show. Actors from the show responded by thanking the fans.  There is also a petition that has been created to bring back the show.  So is there still hope?  We think by the cliffhanger ending that there is actually hope for the show. There is no confirmation at this only speculations that the show has been shopped to other networks and streaming services like Hulu.  Keep checking back for more updates.

show Nashville

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