Shopping for a New Home? 4 Things to Look for In an Agent

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Buying a home is often the largest purchase – and one of the biggest decisions! – a person ever makes. Whether you’re shopping for your first home or upsizing to find a little more space for a growing family, there are always potential pitfalls and upsides associated with buying a property. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” which is exactly why you need to have an all-star real estate agent on your team!

#1 Start Your Search Early
As COVID-19 restrictions loosen up, the real estate market will see a lot of pent up demand release. Sellers who pulled their home off the market during the pandemic may now feel more comfortable hosting showings. Buyers who were fearful during the peak of the crisis may now feel more comfortable following through with the decision they made prior to the pandemic. Get going! Start by interviewing and hiring your agent.

#2 Specific Knowledge of the Middle Tennessee Market
Your real estate agent should have an intimate knowledge of the Nashville/Franklin/Brentwood market. However, no agent is going to be an expert in every single neighborhood in every one of these cities. Middle Tennessee is just too big. When searching for an agent, find a professional who has experience and a proven track record working deals within the zip code or neighborhood you would like to buy in.

#3 Get Referrals from Friends and Family
Not sure where to start in your search? Just ask friends and family. Everyone loves to recommend an agent who delivered a phenomenal customer experience. (They’ll also probably be happy to tell you about an agent you should never hire!) Remember, locality is important; so, ask friends and family who have purchased in the area you would like to buy.

#4 Buying Is an Educational Experience
Lastly, buying a home, especially as a first-time buyer, contains many terms and processes you may be unfamiliar with: escrow, earnest money, inspection contingencies, etc. Your real estate agent should educate you along the way. Additionally, a great agent can connect you with a quality lender who will advocate for you in getting from the starting line to the closing table. Your agent will also know home inspectors, title companies, and other professionals who can make the process as smooth as possible.

Ready to find your new home this summer? Start the process by finding a real estate agent who’s on your team!

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