More Severe Weather Expected Tonight as Crews Cleanup from Sunday Storms

From the City of Brentwood

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According to the National Weather Service, a few severe storms are possible again between 3pm and 10pm today. The main threats will be damaging wind, large hail and flash flooding. Residents are encouraged to please remain weather aware today.

A strong line of storms moved through Brentwood Sunday afternoon which left many without power on Monday morning. Nashville Electric Service and Middle Tennessee Electric Company, which both service Brentwood, are aware of the outages and have crews working to restore power. You can view the power outage maps here for Nashville Electric Service and Middle Tennessee Electric Company. The power outages also impacted the Brentwood Water Services Department and the City’s utility pumping capacity. “The City has 26 water and sewer pumping stations. We had 19 out of service Sunday evening due to power outages,” said Water Services Director Chris Milton. “That has never happened in my 15 years here,” Milton added. All pumping stations are back in service today.

Brentwood 911 Dispatchers answered 226 calls in less than three hours. “We logged 56 service calls in a 24-hour period,” said Brentwood Fire and Rescue Chief Brian Goss. “That is the largest volume of calls in a time period since the 2010 flood,” Goss said. Once storms cleared, firefighters removed small trees from the roadways while Brentwood Public Works crews handled the larger trees. There were 27 roads blocked across Brentwood last night. “I had trouble getting into the office from the east side because all major thoroughfares were blocked,” Chief Goss said.

Brentwood Public Works crews quickly cleared all trees that were blocking main City roads. “Some residential streets which are still blocked due to power lines within trees will be our priority today,” said Public Works Director Todd Hoppenstedt. “Areas like Wilson Pike Circle, which has a lot of damage on both sides of the road, will be priority today. We have crews working on two gradall and four dump trucks today,” Hoppenstedt added. The storms will impact the City’s Chipper service. Residents should be patient, and we ask that you do not inundate us with calls. “We will eventually get to all homes, but please do not necessarily expect the chipper route to arrive in your designated week,” Hoppenstedt added. Residents can help crews speed up the collection process by making sure they follow the rules for Chipper Service. Residents are encouraged to review brush rules online, specifically with regards to size of debris and placement near fixed objects, place all private debris near the road, and have it in place by 7am for a scheduled collection week. “We recognize what a beneficial service this is during times like this, but please understand that brush piles may not always be our priority relative to other health and safety issues like trees blocking roads or impacting powerlines,” Hoppenstedt added.

Please read the entire list of Chipper Rules on the City of Brentwood website.

Other City departments impacted by Sunday storms included the Brentwood Police Department which had a patrol car damaged while sitting on Maryland Way when a tree fell onto it. No one was injured. The Brentwood Parks Department will be working to remove tree limbs and damage to trails in parks across the City.