SEVERE WEATHER ALERT: Heavy Rains, Winds, Hail, Severe Weather Predicted


The National Weather Service started predicting it 72 hours ago and now it is here. The worst Severe Weather outbreak of 2014 is predicted to begin here in Middle Tennessee today through possibly Tuesday morning before things settle down. @Williamsonsrc on Twitter and Williamson Source on Facebook will be keeping you up to date in the Williamson County area. Recently we have added a police scanner tuned to Williamson Rescue, updated social weather maps and lightning strike maps courtesy of Weather Bug, Ready Warn weather alerts,  and full county coverage from our staff from Nashville to Spring Hill.  Add that to our constantly updated WEATHER page with radar, and we are your Source for up to date weather and weather related information. There are a few things to remember, especially as we come up to the anniversary of the “100 Year Flood” :