Ames and Sherrin Krebs, proprietors of four local stores – Franklin Kubota, Columbia Kubota, Franklin Horse Supply and Franklin Rental – aren’t just retail store owners. They have always felt a calling to meet the needs of the community.

Right now they are trying to get to know their Columbia community better. You can find Columbia Kubota at 1120 Riverside Dr, Columbia, TN 38401.

To the Krebs, it is more than about just running a store, it is being a part of the community and serving it.

“We want customers to know that the relationship we forge with them is the most important part of what we do,” Ames said. “We care about the experiences they have at our store. We offer the best products in each market segment, but unless we serve the customer and honor the relationship we have with each customer, we cannot achieve our potential. We constantly strive to serve and honor each customer.”

The Krebs opened their Columbia location in 2008.

After moving from Brentwood to Sherrin’s parents’ Franklin farm in 2000 to raise a family, Ames began selling Kubota products. Selling tools that farmers need seemed like a good market to get into for Ames as he spent his childhood helping his grandfather bale hay and other farm work, plus he had worked with Kubota products as a contractor.

Ames was able to put together enough money to buy their first store, Franklin Kubota, in 2005. In 2008, they thought that they could open a second location in Columbia, so the community there would not have to go all the way to Franklin for their products.

They offer all the products that can meet their customer’s needs.

“In our Kubota line, the RTV utility vehicles are very popular, and our small to medium tractors are always the star of the show,” Ames said. “Kubota has also done amazing things with zero turn mowers, giving us a product that is the best in the world. Scag zero turn mowers continue to be the choice of many commercial mowing contractors, and our line of Stihl hand-held equipment is second to none. The new line of Stihl lithium-ion electric hand-held equipment has caught fire lately and I think in Columbia they will do very well. The quality and performance of these machines is truly amazing. and the prices are very affordable as well.”

Franklin & Columbia Kubota carries a full line of Kubota tractors, utility vehicles, and construction equipment, in addition to Scag commercial mowers, Land Pride finishing decks, Stihl two cycle equipment, and much more. They also offer service and repair on all of the equipment brands that they sell, as well as for many other brands of equipment.

But who works at the Columbia Kubota matters too, and it comes back to caring for the customer.

The Krebs look at it as their responsibility to care for their employees, and help them grow not just into great employees but great people.

“The better we serve and honor each customer, the more we prosper,” Ames said. “The more we prosper, the more we invest in our staff and our product offerings, with the goal of improving the level of service we can offer each customer over time. ”

“With every change we have made in our business, we have tried to link ourselves closer and closer to the wonderful citizens that call Maury County home. We want to provide the equipment, products and services that our community needs, in the form most useful to them. Whether they need to purchase equipment, or rent it, we want to be the resource that our fellow citizens call upon. We are offering the same level of service in Maury County, with our Columbia location.”

Visit Columbia Kubota at 1120 Riverside Drive, Columbia, TN.