By Heather Listhartke

One of the area’s most popular senior portrait studios is offering an amazing experience for high school students. JB Brookman Photography is looking for students for their Senior Model Team.

Parents, if your current high school junior is active and involved in their schools and communities, loves to have their picture taken, loves photography and/or modeling, and wants professional experience that will set them apart from other seniors applying for college, the JB Brookman Photography Class of 2018 Thrive Senior Model Team is a perfect opportunity for them. JB Brookman is accepting applications now!

JB Brookman and his wife Jen own the senior portrait studio, as well as, a graphic design and printing business. Their business is an extension of their family and their mission is to make people laugh, smile and build up their confidence.

JB is also a celebrity and concert photographer who has photographed many musicians from Taylor Swift and Pink to BB King and Pearl Jam. These opportunities have given him the chance to photograph all over the US and beyond. His experiences allowed him to form his own business, in which he can help and encourage people to chase their dreams. As a two-time cancer survivor, JB values living a positive, active life and wants to spread that positivity into his business.

This year, the JB Brookman Photography Senior Model Team theme is centered around the idea of Thriving (to “Be Authentically You.”) If you live in the Middle Tennessee area and your son or daughter is a current junior (will be a senior graduating in 2018), they have until March 8th to apply for this awesome opportunity. Students who are accepted into the Class of 2018 Thrive Senior Model Team receive tons of perks that make the internship fun, as well as, a way to cultivate professionalism. They receive stylized photo shoots, participate in charity work and fashion shows, get priority senior portrait sessions, work with a team of peers where they can cultivate new friendships with people who think like they do, and receive exposure across social media and marketing materials.

To apply for the internship, fill out this form and for more information, visit