See Where Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Vacation

Tim and Faith's Vacation Home
Photography by William Abranowicz

Husband and wife country music stars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, just released photos of their own private island retreat in the Bahamas.

When the couple first purchased the picturesque property, the only thing in existence was a shack.

McGraw tells Architectural Digest, “A great little place, and it was the only thing there. When we decided to buy, they just floated the shack away. . . .”

The couple purchased the 20-acre property back in 2003 naming it “L’île d’Anges” but were not able to move into the home until 2012.

Nashville interior and architectural design firm McAlpine assisted the couple with their luxury getaway. Every room of the home is a separate building connected by outdoor passageways.

“You can bathe outdoors or climb a tower and feel that you’re being lifted up into the air. All these sorts of romantic ideas, we got a shot at doing here, and we took them,” says Architect Bobby McAlpine.

Interiors of the home reflect a very monochromatic, minimalist decor as to not compete with its surroundings. Interior Designer Ray Booth shared that he wanted the home to feel as if the it had a shipwrecked vibe.

“We wanted everything to feel a bit cobbled together,” Booth says, “as if you washed up on the beach and had to figure out a way to decorate the house.”

Read more about McGraw and Hill’s vacation home on the Architectural Digest website. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently on a worldwide tour with a stop in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena on August 4 -5.