SEC Consignment is Franklin’s first, only and most advanced seasonal Sports Consignment Event for Men, Women and Children.

Sale date for Sec Sports Equipment sale will be on Saturday,  January 30 ending on Sunday, Janurary 31st.  Located near downtown Franklin in Westhaven, SEC Sports Consignment provides an excellent way for you to sell your new and/or gently used sports equipment while shopping from the highest quality in name brand and specialty equipment at prices far below retail cost!

Here is a list of items accepted at the sale.

Items Accepted :
Baseball/Softball/T-Ball – Baseballs, Softballs, T-Balls, Bats, Gloves, Doughnuts, Rubbing Mud, Stirrups, Pants, Socks, Belts, Helmets, Cleats, Tee, Bat Grip, Catcher Helmet, Chest Protector, Leg Guards, Catcher’s Mitt
Football – Cleats, Helmet , Jock Strap, Girdles, Cup, Thigh, Hip, Knee Pads, Neck Collar, Compression gear, Gloves, Mouth guard, Shoulder Pads, Footballs, Visors, Face Mask, Pants, Tees, Back Plates, Arm Sleeves, Hand Warmers, Wrist Coach

Golf – Golf Balls, Clubs Woods/Irons/Putters, Ball Markers, Tees, Golf Bags, Towels, Club Head Covers, Gloves, Shoes

Hunting – Calls, Decoys, Turkey Blinds, Vests, Boots, Sights, Targets, Waders, Blind Bags, Hand Warmers, Face Paint, Tree Stands, NO GUNS

Lacrosse – Gloves, Sticks, Helmets, Arm Pads, String Kits, Shoulder Pads, Cup, Soccer Cleats, Balls: Chest Protector, Pants, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Sticks

Tennis/Racquetball – Racquets, Tennis Balls, Racquetballs, String, Skirts, Shorts, Grip

Umpires – Whistles, Protective Gear, Umpire Indicator, Chest Protector, Shin Guards, Masks

Volleyball – Knee Pads, Volleyballs, Shorts, Shoes, Socks

For more information on how to consign, email sports or visit their Facebook page.


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