School Holiday Scam Targeting Local Businesses

In the season of giving, scammers are trying to take as much as they can.

From inFocus

In the season of giving, scammers are trying to take as much as they can.

We have received reports that a company called Sports Media Advertising is calling businesses around the county to collect money on behalf of our high schools. None of our schools are working with this company.

“Unfortunately, these companies are taking advantage of those in our community who are so willing to support our schools,” said WCS Athletic Director Darrin Joines. “In this scam, the individual schools are not benefiting, and the products offered are of little or no value. We want to do everything possible to protect community members against these scams.”

This is similar to other scams we have seen in which an organization offers to put a company’s logo on cheap promo products to “support” a school. The schools get no support from this scam, and these junk products won’t be distributed at our schools.

“Our school staffs and their booster club members appreciate the support we receive from our business community and we want to make sure the business’s donations are given to the school of their choice and actually used to benefit our students,” said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden.

If you have questions about any solicitation you receive, please give your principal, the school district or local law enforcement a call. Each principal is aware of fundraisers that are being conducted on behalf of a particular school.