School Renovation, Repairs in the Plan for FSSD

Throughout the next few months, the Franklin Special School District will have eight projects they will work to accomplish.

The district will work to complete most of the projects by the end of the school year.

Franklin Elementary School Renovation

The district has reviewed complete construction documents, along with the City of Franklin and State Fire Marshal. FSSD held a pre-bid meeting last week. Actual bids are due on Feb. 9.

Poplar Grove School/Freedom Middle School Roof

Both projects are underway and on schedule. PGS is at 75 percent completion, while Freedom Middle is at 35 percent. Crews should finish both projects by March/April 2017.

Freedom Middle School Parking Expansion

The City of Franklin Planning Department has approved this project, pending a review of a traffic study and soil infiltration test. Both of these additional services have been ordered and underway.

Central Office Annex Reroof

Plans are ready for bid. The district plans to bid as a package with the Central Office Annex Emergency backup generator project. FSSD held a pre-bid meeting earlier in January.

Central Office Annex Emergency Backup Generator

The design phase is complete, and it is ready for bid. Actual bids for the project were due Jan. 24.

Freedom Intermediate Stadium Bleacher Renovation

The district held a pre-construction meeting with Romach Construction back in mid December to review the start date. A progress meeting is scheduled this week for Jan. 25. It will take 120 days for construction.

District Wide LED Lighting Upgrade

District officials report the project is nearly complete. Some miscellaneous fixtures sill need installation. Final touchups went underway last week.

Poplar Grove to Del Rio Pike Sidewalk

The project design is underway and the topographic survey is complete. The routing concept came to the FSSD in early January. Final design review happened last week, where it went to the City of Franklin for approval.

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