Cars N Coffee

Having lived in Franklin for 20 years, local business owner of Flag World of Cool Springs, Craig Eilermann, and his family often come to Cars’N Coffee.

When the rest of the family’s schedules align, they bring two other collector cars, one being Eilermann’s late father’s. On Saturday, Eilermann was riding solo in his 1962 Dodge Polara.

He has owned his 1962 Dodge Polara for about a year. It has 325 horsepower and no power steering or power breaks.

“You get used to it. You just know to break a little sooner than you would otherwise,” Eilermann said.

He explained the 1962 Dodge Polara was built on a rumor, which proved to be false, that a competitor was going to be shortening their wheelbase, and the president of Chrysler wanted to be able to compete. So thinking he was one step ahead, he shortened the wheelbase on the 1962 Dodge Polara. Unfortunately, dealers didn’t like it, so it was only sold one year.

After not much success selling to dealers, the 1962 Dodge Polara found something it was good at: racing. The advantage of having a shorter wheelbase was that it made the car lighter and that much faster on the track.

Eilermann, like many other car enthusiasts who meet at Cars ‘N Coffee every week in Franklin, enjoys sharing his story and the history behind his cars.

If you haven’t been to Cars ’N Coffee yet, you’re truly missing out on a great Saturday morning tradition.

Check out the photos, and head out to see Cars ‘N Coffee in person next Saturday.

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More About Cars ‘n Coffee

Cars ‘N Coffee is a gathering of automotive enthusiasts that meets every Saturday morning from 8-10:30 a.m. at the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Theater in Franklin.