Savory Spice Shop Shares Thanksgiving Ideas

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By Hollie Rollins , owner Savory Spice Shop-Franklin

With November upon us and the Thanksgiving holiday only two weeks away, we are excited with the upcoming celebrations that bring us together with friends, family, and delicious food.  We also are extremely grateful and give thanks to you all for your continued support and patronage of our new Savory Spice Shop.  As we all have our traditional recipes that we cook during the winter holidays, we are also exploring some new ways to add a little excitement to our holiday feasts. Whether it is simply adding or substituting a creative new spice to an existing recipe or trying a new, adventuresome recipe altogether, we hope this article provides you with some culinary inspiration this season.

Sharing Traditions Old & New

Our new Savory Spice Shop family has grown as we now have an extended family of spice merchants with lots of creative and delicious holiday feast traditions to share. We have asked then to share some of their favorites, both old and new.

“What are your favorite must-haves for Thanksgiving Day?”

“Homemade Cranberry- Orange Relish” says Chris Andrews. “When I was young my mom always made spiced pears, however the recipe is not with me now, so I set about trying to duplicate the flavors on my holiday table with cranberries and oranges. The recipe includes cloves, cinnamon, allspice, mace and the secret ingredient- vinegar. It’s not time for the bird until the cranberry orange relish is on the table.”

Our spice merchant was quick to answer this question with “We start Thanksgiving morning with my wife Nicole’s sausage balls, which includes sausage, baking mix and this year the addition of our Sage & Savory Stuffing mix.”

Owner Hollie’s family can’t wait to make Carrot Soufflé each year. “We steam fresh carrots then add eggs, flour, maple sugar, baking spice, and cinnamon.” The house smells amazing when this bakes in the oven, sometimes we finish it with marshmallows or pecans. “It’s like having dessert on your plate at dinner–it’s our daughter’s favorite part of the meal.

Merchant Chris Gengler says it’s all about the turkey. Chris’ dad Mike deep fries the bird, he brines it in Port wine and then uses a dry spice rub before it hits the fryer.

“Is there a dish or delicacy you’re always responsible for making around the holidays?”

Debi is always responsible for making her mom Ona’s cornbread dressing. It’s a southern Thanksgiving staple at her family’s dinner. Debi knows the recipe by heart and includes cornbread, sage, salt, pepper and other ingredients. She also says “It wouldn’t be right  if there’s not giblet gravy served with the dressing.”

Chris’ family always requests her homemade green salad. She includes a variety of fresh produce and one of her signature homemade salad dressings. In fact her salad dressing is legendary among her family, and she has even been asked to just bring the dressing. Her new favorite one to make is a blend of white wine vinegar, great olive oil, and Savory’s  Spices.

“What is your favorite sweet finish for a holiday feast?”

sage-savory-stuffing-thumbnail-fw325Pie! Here at Savory Spice Shop, we are united in our vote for pie as the favorite Thanksgiving dessert. We might just have to have a pie throw down. Zak, Matthew, Mia, say “Pumpkin – all the way!” Pecan is the favorite of David, Hollie, Alexis, Chris and Debi and some of us also add sweet potato to our list. Whatever your dessert of choice we can help with recipes, ideas, and fun ways to add new flavors to your holiday traditions.

Our recipe for Sage & Savory Stuffing is sure to inspire your Thanksgiving meal.