Savory Spice Shop Recipe: Hot & Fast Spare Ribs

Savory Spice Shop

This recipe uses a backyard grilling method in which you cook over direct, high heat. While the backyard enthusiast can’t hit the high temps the barbecue pros use, the high heat grilling principles are the same. You get great char and flavor on the ribs and you don’t need to spend all day babysitting them.

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1 full rack spare ribs (4 to 5 lbs.)
1 Tbsp. Salt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning
4 to 5 Tbsp. BBQ rub of choice, such as:
Georgia Boys All-Purpose BBQ Rub
Platte River Rib Rub
Pikes Peak Butchers Rub
*Optional: Try this with Savory Spice’s ‘Cue Glue!

2 to 3 tsp. Cue Glue per lb. meat

*Savory’s ‘Cue Glue helps the seasoning stick to your protein and creates a tender yet chewy bark. Simply slather on 2 to 3 tsp. per pound on all sides of the meat then apply the seasoning.


1) *Slather ribs on both sides with ‘Cue Glue if using before rubbing ribs with seasoning.) Rub ribs generously with salt & pepper and your favorite BBQ rub. Tip: If you are using a sugar-heavy BBQ rub, don’t apply it at the beginning because the sugar will burn, making it hard to control the char. Instead, salt & pepper the ribs at the beginning and season with BBQ rub during the final two turns of the ribs on the grill.

2) Whether using a charcoal or gas grill, preheat grill to the highest heat. To prepare charcoal, start with a pile of charcoal and let it burn until the coals are ashy. Instead of spreading the coals out to disperse the heat, keep them contained for the highest heat.

3) When grill is as hot as you can get it, place ribs directly over the heat source. When cooking over high heat, check and turn the ribs as often as every 2 to 3 min. to keep the charring in check. Cook ribs until internal temperature reaches 180 to 185 degrees, about 30 to 45 min. depending on the grill temp. Remove ribs from heat, tent with foil, and let rest about 10 min. before slicing and serving.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce.


1 rack spare ribs