black sesame coconut ice cream

If you like coconut ice cream, you should try this recipe for black sesame coconut ice cream. It’s a unique summertime treat your family will love!

All of the spices can be purchased at Savory Spice Shop in downtown Franklin, at 324 Main Street.


1/4 cup Black Sesame Seeds
2 (13.5 oz.) cans full-fat coconut milk
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp. Natural Coconut Extract
1/4 cup shredded coconut


To make this a vegan dessert, use coconut sugar, natural sugar or other sweetener alternative in place of honey.


Toast sesame seeds in a small skillet over medium heat for about 3 min. or until seeds are aromatic and start to pop. Transfer seeds immediately to a spice grinder or small food processor. Pulse until ground into a semi-fine consistency. Transfer to a medium saucepan and stir in coconut milk and honey. Heat mixture until just barely boiling, whisking to dissolve honey. Remove from heat, transfer to a sealable container and refrigerate until chilled through. Once chilled, stir in coconut extract. Process in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions. Add shredded coconut during the last 5 min. of churning, when the ice cream is almost done. Freeze for at least 2 hours before serving.

Serving Suggestions

Serve as a palate cleanser between courses or as dessert for an Asian-inspired meal.


1 quart

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