Savory Pie: The Perfect Choice for Dinner

From Papa C Pies

Spinach Bacon Quiche at Papa C Pies

Recently overheard, from husband to wife: “No offense, sweetie. I used to think your quiche was really good! But this… oh my gosh!” Wife responded: “No offense taken. I know. And I totally agree!”

Yep, it’s that good. (And a daring man.) Next time quiche is on the family dinner plan, save yourself the time and energy and just let Papa C Pies make it!

Check out four reasons why Papa C Pies should prepare dinner tonight.

#1 Sneak in Veggies for Kids

All the savory pie options provided by Papa C Pies are a complete meal in and of themselves, including vegetables! Between the perfectly seasoned meats and rich gravies in the shepherd’s pie and chicken pot pie… or the custards of the aforementioned quiches… your children may forget to notice (or complain) that they are also voluntarily consuming delicious vegetables.

#2 Fits into Your Schedule

Between work, school (whether that’s homeschooling, virtual schooling, hybrid schooling or face-to-face) and extracurricular activities, planning or making dinner may get pushed to the back burner. Some days, it’s nice to let someone else bear the load of preparing a meal for your family to gather around for catching up… and catching your breath.

We understand that you need food ready when it works with the schedule of your family. With call ahead and drive-through or carry out options at Papa C Pies, you can grab a savory pie and let it warm at home while still doing all the other things that keep you busy. It’ll be ready when you are.

#3 Budget Friendly

When you evaluate the savory pies on a per serving price, it’s hard to beat. $5-$7 per serving (depending on how big you cut the helpings) for a meal you didn’t have to make. Plus, your Papa C Pies meal doesn’t contain the preservatives found in prepackaged grocery food. Your time is valuable. Reducing stress and mental wellness is valuable. Toss a salad or slice some fruit to round out the meal if you want – a Papa C Pies meal is always a great deal!

#4 Seriously Delicious

There are some dishes, some meals, that you pride yourself on. The recipes others continually ask you for.. .but no one seems to be able to quite match? At Papa C Pies, pies are our specialty.  Save your energy and enjoy an incredibly delicious meal. When you’re in the mood for a killer quiche, don’t hesitate to call Papa C Pies or swing by to pick up a sausage and red pepper quiche or spinach bacon quiche. No one in your family will be disappointed. Yeah, it’s that good.

Order Now!

Hungry for an unrivaled crust expertly and flavorfully filled with savory goodness? Or, in the case of the shepherd’s pie, a delectably rich filling covered with fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes with just the perfect touch of texture as the top turns into golden brown crust?

We thought so.

All you have to do is heat, eat and savor! Call 615-414-3435 to place an order or find out what’s available. Let Papa C Pies take care of dinner… you take care of enough already!

Papa C Pies is located at:
99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood (corner of Seaboard Lane and Bakers Bridge Avenue behind Costco)
Store hours:
Monday – Friday 10am to 6:30pm
Sat: 10am to 5pm

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