Sam Hunt just released new music.

The latest song “Sinning with You” was set to release in November but after Hunt’s DUI arrest, the release was changed to 2020.

In “Sinning with You” Hunt addresses faith and values and how it can change.

Hunt tells Rolling Stone,“It’s a metaphor for a small-town guy who was raised with traditional values, a lot of those rooted in church and faith.”

The country artist grew up in religion and church, his wife Hannah is the daughter of a pastor.

“Most of the value systems that I grew up around are rooted in religion and church,” says Hunt to Rolling Stone. “You start to read books and talk to people who grew up in different backgrounds, and you try to collect that knowledge and find some meaning, some truth. It speaks to the broader pursuit of truth and understanding, in terms of how you are supposed to live your life.”

Written by Sam Hunt, Paul DiGiovanni, Josh Osborne, and Emily Weisband, its the second song recently released by Hunt who is expected to release a sophomore album later this year.

Watch the lyric video “Sinning With You” above.



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