Salted Peace Brings Holistic Care to Spring Hill

Salted Peace
credit - Facebook

A new holistic wellness studio, specializing in salt therapy, recently opened in Spring Hill.

Salted Peace, located at 1029 Crossing Boulevard in Spring Hill, offers natural ways to increase wellness to help the mind, body and soul through salt halotherapy, salt detox and infrared sauna sessions.

Salt therapy is said to reduce inflammation, improve respiratory issues and skin conditions. Salted Peace offers three salt halotherapy rooms – one for families, a private and a group room.

In addition to salt therapy, they offer medical-grade infrared sauna which is stated to improve your immune system and burn up to 600 calories as well as improve circulation to relieve muscle pain.

If you prefer a massage, Salted Peace offers state of the art massage chairs where you place your feet under the salt dome. The domes use the warmth of the Himalaya salt to warm the feet, causing them to sweat and release toxins.

Salted Peace will hold a ribbon cutting on January 25 with the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce at 11 a. During the event, visitors can tour the facility, check out the retail area and book sessions for Salt Rooms, Infrared Sauna, VFT Table or Massage chairs with Foot Domes.

Pricing starts at $10 and varies by service. See their website for all pricing on services here. Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 9:30 a – 7 p, Friday – Saturday 9:30 a – 8 p, and Sunday 10:30 a – 6 p. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.